About Us

<p>We’re a Boston-based digital agency and application development company&nbsp;with a unique culture that is rooted in philanthropy, technology, and adventure. We do work that matters, with like-minded people and partners. What, you may ask, does ADK stand for? It's a nod to our founders' roots, the Adirondack Mountains.</p>

Our Culture

<p>Our company story begins with the intersection of philanthropy and technology. Three days after graduating from college, our founder rollerbladed from Florida to Maine and leveraged social media in its early days to raise money and awareness for Autism. Today, we’re a close-knit team of technology geeks and entrepreneurs building and strategizing smarter ways to use the Web. When we're not coding, we can be found - oftentimes together - playing volleyball by the Charles, hiking in New Hampshire, gaming, and snapchatting the day’s selfies with Kiwi and Norm, our office greyhounds.</p>

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Dan Tatar
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Jon Clark
Chief Technology Officer
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Jon Clark's vast technical experience helps ensure all ADK-built web, software, and application products are developed to the highest quality standards.  

Technology is ingrained in Jon's DNA. He knows where the future of tech is headed, and he understands what it takes to build the next generation of digital tools to will propel businesses into the next chapter of their growth. In fact, Jon's already been there done that, yet his passion keeps him ever-motivated towards developing and launching the NEXT big digital innovation. Could it be for you? 

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Chris Baker
Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer
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As ADK's Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Baker knows how to help businesses adapt to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Chris has 10+ years of product marketing and technology experience and is ADK's go-to problem solver for clients' complex business challenges. From websites, to apps, to full-fledged digital transformations, Chris is passionate about finding the ideal digital solution to boost client's digital footprint and provide them with a scalable foundation to continue their strategic growth initiatives.  

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Aaron Crootof
Technical Director
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Heather McCormack
Director of Human Resources
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Amber Herndon
Director of Marketing + Louisville Operations
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Travis Triplett
Director, Strategy and Partnerships
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As ADK's Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Travis is extremely thorough and fearlessly honest. He's also your biggest advocate. 

Travis works with clients new, old, large and small to uncover the business challenges that exist and then determine how to effectively solve them with technology. Internally, he plays a constant devil's advocate on behalf of our clients - questioning us all, challenging the entire organization to continuously improve. At the end of the day, Travis ensures that all ADK clients receive maximum quality and value from ADK services and products. 

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Andrew Creek
Technical Lead
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Working for Fun
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Our team has a lot of fun every day. We solve challenging technical problems, build applications that matter, work with very cool clients and people, and celebrate together in their successes.

-Dan Tatar, President