Land Leasing Ecommerce & Digital Process Automation

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Simplifying a complex license purchase and renewal process

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  • Users can view available parcels of land, then purchase.
  • The system recognizes license and lease expiration dates
  • Automated renewal and/or repurchase process 
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The Challenge

Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG) specializes in the management and leasing of timberland and farmland properties, licensing out parcels of land all around the globe. A core part of their business model involves connecting license managers and landowners with eligible lessees who are interested in renting or buying land specifically for hunting and related recreational purposes. 

HNRG was experiencing several challenges related to their land parcel leasing process, and it had become evident that the current system was far from ideal for all stakeholders. As it stood, HNRG site users could view limited online information about available parcels, but most of the actual process for licensing and purchasing the land leases was offline. Customers had to contact HNRG by phone to check on availability and, if available, start the lengthy process of paperwork submissions, multiple phone calls, and snail-mailing checks for payment. 

HNRG wanted to remove the internal administrative burdens of managing this process while also providing customers with the ability to purchase or lease land digitally.